In 1997, Matt resigned from his position at American Airlines/SABRE so that he and Miriam could work full-time with a global missions agency. While their responsibilities in this new capacity did not formally include conference facilitation, they soon found themselves regularly serving in this way… Miriam helping with praise and worship while Matt helped with the technical and audio-visual needs.

After years of facilitating various sized gatherings in places like England, The Czech Republic, Thailand, Spain, Indonesia, Turkey and the United States, it became almost a given within those missions circles that conference and small meeting facilitation was an obvious part of Miriam and Matt’s on-going calling. During this time, the ministry budgets tied to their formal jobs as missionaries covered the costs of doing this work. In 2003, Miriam and Matt resigned from the agency to start another work¬†called Greater Good Global Support Services, which is not an evangelical ministry and was not a viable channel for on-going support of these ministry-specific conference support activities.

However, the requests for help and expectations to support international missions conferences did not stop. After working a couple of conferences that had already been booked before they had resigned, Miriam and Matt realized that they could not personally finance these international trips.

CM_Website_OldConferenceThe decision was made to create a mechanism for supporters to help finance these trips to facilitate conferences, and Covered Ministries was launched. But the funding challenges did not go away since many of the conferences where Miriam and Matt were engaging were “by invitations only” and very security sensitive – due to the nature of the work being discussed.

Covered Ministries has been enjoying more and more opportunities to serve in public venues and there are hopes to expand the number of ways to engage local churches to expose them to the lesser known, but often more strategic, efforts and ministries around the world.


Top: Miriam & Matt with friends from central Asia

Middle: Covered Ministries helping with the American Missiological Society meetings in 2004

Below: Miriam helping lead praise and worship in Russia in 2012