Here are some quotes from people who have listened to TRUE.

I literally wept when I first heard Miriam sing “I Will Be Free.” I was listening to “True” in the car while driving to visit my octogenarian father who is suffering from a Parkinson-like syndrome in his legs, and slowly and painfully gets around by shuffling his feet. As I heard Miriam sing “I’ll dance on silver moonlight and I’ll walk through velvet fields…” I pictured my Daddy running to Jesus’ arms. I had to pull over because I was so overcome with worship for a heavenly father who will one day heal completely my earthly father. -Karen

Miriam not only sings better than ever, but she also has put a wonderful spin on some P&W favorites!  The arrangements are top notch, and Miriam delivers with such feeling!  This is a “must have.” – Julie

The first track, Oceans, sent tears down my cheeks as Miriam expressed her trust in God and I realized she was singing the song of my own heart.  Every selection on this album spoke to a part of my walk with God, from praise for all He is to the hidden struggles we all deal with. TRUE is a collaboration of an honest artist and her gifted family and friends    that celebrates her journey and invites us all to reflect on our own. Thank you, Miriam, for creating an album that is truly you.  – Carol